Connected Home UK have written some really useful tips that will help solve common honeywell evohome installation issues.

Position of BDR91 relay unitsCustomers often say there are glitches in the programming of my evohome system and it’s doing strange things – there are no problems with the evohome screen programming, honeywell would not do this, it’s always the installation. We have installed hundreds of evohome systems and it’s never the screen causing the problem.

Follow these simple rules:

Never ever ever ever ever ever install the relay units next to each other !!
Always fit them at least 400mm apart, find a way to do this, it’s vital.

  • Try to use one of the existing heating control cables, i.e.. room stat. ( you only need 3 cores L,N and switched live )
  • Never fit them right next to a boiler, pipework or cables.
  • Never fit them near any other wireless units.
  • ‚ÄčTry to get the relay units close to where the evohome screen will be. Try not to have all the relay units at one end of the house and the screen at the other end, give the system a chance.
  • This is so important, follow his advice and you system will work really well.
  • Do not think you are smarter than this advice it will not work !

Dr Evohome

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