Why Honeywell evohome is simply the best underfloor heating controller

Under floor heating is normally treated as a totally separate part of your central heating, it involves a great deal of extra work, routing cables round the house installing separate thermostats each needing separate programming. It does not talk to the rest of the heating system making it hard to control which can lead to it being to warm resulting in wasting energy or too cold. If something is difficult to control or change you just don’t bother.

Evohome is so much better at controlling underfloor heating because it treats it as just another zone or room in our home. There are 3 simple ways to control the room temperature, using the simple wireless room thermostat – no complicated buttons or menus just turn it up or down, so simple, also using the touch screen or app you can see the temperatures of each room – simply touch the room you want to change and set the temperature to what you want. The interface is really simple and intuitive, making it easy for anyone the make changes.

Evohome can be cheaper to install than other wired underfloor heating controllers but with the benefit of one touch screen/ app controlling all the rooms, there is Virtually no wiring, no zone valve required, no complex control centre to set up.

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